Flight 990's Foster Parallels
by DCDave

Anonymous leaks hinting suicide,
Mainly derived from thin air:
I tell you it's starting to look a lot
Like "America's Dreyfus Affair."

There's also the pliable, one-sided press,
Flogging the government's fable.
We let these pitchmen baldly deceive us
And they'll do it as long as they're able.

Suggest that they're peddling horse manure,
And here's what they'll do every time:
They'll pretend that you have all the power of the law
And demand that YOU solve the crime.

Venture a sensible explanation;
You'll be vilified and reviled.
They'll readily stoop to calling you names,
And they'll say that your "theories" are "wild."

Whether the death of a White House counsel
Or an airliner's plunge from the sky,
Working the strings of the cover-up
Is the hand of the FBI.

David Martin

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