Our Managed Press
by DCDave

The press gives no publicity
To the White House forgery,
While their clanging clappers peal
For one who still pretends it's real.
I speak of the pathetic note
They say that Vincent Foster wrote
And the woeful Stewart book
With its note-spawned title hook.
They also keep us in the dark
About Pat Knowlton and John Clarke,
Who had the bald effrontery
To sue the reigning powers that be
Over gross intimidation
That should shock an outraged nation.
Note well the lack of hue and cry
And you will see where dangers lie.

David Martin

p.s. I speak of the much over-publicized cover-up book, Bloodsport, by James Stewart and the much under-publicized Failure of the Public Trust, which can be found at http//FBI cover up

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