Rewarding Incompetence
by DCDave

Washington Times Headline, May 10, 1999:
Intelligence Failure blamed for errant embassy bombing,
Some warn CIA is underfunded

We've bombed the Chinese embassy.
Somebody has to pay.
Let's make it America's taxpayers
To our "threadbare" CIA.

David Martin

p.s. The "some" doing the warning are Rep. Porter J. Goss and Sen. Richard C. Shelby, Chairmen of the House and Senate Select Committees on Intelligence, respectively. Goss is a "former" CIA agent. To think, this represents the REPUBLICAN alternative to the bungling criminals now in charge of the executive branch. No nation can long survive this degree of misgovernment.

p.p.s. Speaking of rewarding incompetence, the expression puts me in mind of the mere wrist slap that prominent, wealthy Maryland politician, Ruthann Aron, received for the crime of ATTEMPTED murder of her husband and his lawyer. The "hit man," with whom she thought she had sealed the murder agreement, turned out to be a policeman.

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