War on Drugs
by DCDave

The war on drugs is working,
And at a quickening rate,
It's working for high criminals
And for the martial state.

It's working for the prison biz
Whose labor force is growing,
And for agencies on whom
Such power we're bestowing.

It's working for the folks at D.A.R.E.
The cops let in our schools,
And for politicians who are
Playing us for fools.

It's working at dividing us,
Dividing white and black.
So what that most are smoking less
When some are smoking crack?

Oh yes, this war is working,
It's working without fail,
If the measure of success
Is prisoners in jail.

I know that we can win this war,
We can't afford to lose,
We can win exactly like
We won the war on booze.

David Martin

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