In Memoriam
by DCDave

Our illegal drug business thralldom
Is laid bare by the James Sabow case,
But rare is the Fourth Estate organ
That will give it appropriate place.

CBS showed it knew of the outrage
As reported by their Connie Chung,
But not by these guardians of freedom
Could one say that the tocsin was rung.

Colonel Sabow's neurologist brother
Told the story on Capitol Hill,
While the shoulders of all our reporters
Radiated a sub-zero chill.

Like many who'd uncover criminals
Marine flyer James Sabow died
In an untimely violent manner
Which bad cops have ruled suicide.

Called to stand up and be counted,
Hardly anyone passes the test.
We haven't just buried James Sabow,
Our birthright has been laid to rest.

David Martin

For more information see:

To purchase a transcript of the Nov. 3, 1994 Sabow story on Eye to Eye with Connie Chung go to Sabow Story. (dead link)

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