Hired Gun's Gun Evidence
by DCDave

Said Cochran, you have to acquit
When the evidence just doesn't fit.
Now that's surely the case
When in a searched place
There turns up a large oven mitt.

David Martin

What we are talking about here, in case you forgot, is the oven mitt that Dr. Henry Lee of O.J. defense fame, this time working for Kenneth Starr, says he found in the glove compartment of Vince Foster's car. He claims that the mitt originally came from the Foster house and that gunpowder residue in it showed that Foster used it for transporting the .38 revolver that he ostensibly killed himself with.

When the Starr report was released in the fall of 1997, the newspapers made a fuss about this new evidence while ignoring the fact that the oven mitt had not been included in the list of items inventoried by the Park Police that were found in the car at the park. Also ignored by the press was the report by the police that said they found "nothing unusual" in the glove compartment (Oven mitts, presumably, are common items in automoblile glove compartments in their estimation.). Also left unanswered is the question of why Foster would not have used the mitt when he most needed it for concealment of the bulky .38, when walking from the car to the back of the park.

The press, most unforgivably of all, also ignored the 20-page letter by the lawyer for the harassed witness, Patrick Knowlton, that the 3-judge panel that appointed Starr ordered included with the report. The inclusion was over the strenuous objection of the thoroughly-corrupt Starr. See http://www.fbicover-up.com.

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