Suicidal Confidence
by DCDave

To question such authority
Is virtually heretical,
That's why he said his certainty
Is absolute and "medical."

Like the people of the South
Just loved that General Sherman,
People who respect the truth
Must love this Doctor Berman.

David Martin

We are speaking of "suicidologist" Dr. Alan L. Berman, whose report for Kenneth Starr on the death of Vincent Foster is one of four underlying "expert" reports for Starr that remain secret and unreleased to the public. References to these secret reports comprise three- quarters of Starr's footnotes. The other reports are by Dr. Henry Lee, Dr. Brian Blackbourne, and "handwriting expert" Gus Lesnevich.

Our wonderful press watchdogs see nothing wrong with the secrecy. That should come as no surprise. Not officially secret, thanks to the 3-judge panel that appointed Starr, is an accompanying 20-page letter from John Clarke, the lawyer for aggrieved witness, Patrick Knowlton, that completely demolishes Starr's widely-heralded suicide conclusion. No one in the mainstream press has yet acknowledged the existence of that part of the Starr Report. You may read it at

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