Who's Crazy Now?
by DCDave

"Conspiracy nuts and vultures,
"Exploiters of others' grief,"
Such vituperative brickbats
For those without blind belief
In the fantastic tale of depression
That led to Vince Foster's demise,
Such a blizzard of bitter invective
For anyone just getting wise
To the abundance of lies and deception
Scattered all over the place,
From the X-rays reported, but never seen,
To the curious park-to-hospital race
To look for keys that weren't in his pants,
But after a co-worker visit, by chance,
For "identification," we're led to infer,
They somehow miraculously WERE.

To the die-hard defenders of Kenneth Starr
This account is all perfectly fine,
Though the cops left Fort Marcy at eight forty-five,
And the corpse after quarter to nine.

David Martin

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