NOW, Hear This
by DCDave

Of course he supports fetus killing:
It fosters his favorite sport.
All he needs is a woman who's willing
To play and, if need be, abort.

Monica Lewinsky has observed that Bill Clinton seems to have a Saturday night personality in which he surrenders to his baser nature and a Sunday morning personality in which he goes to church with his family and seeks repentance. With that in mind, I can imagine a blending of the two personalities in which Bill is singing what initially sounds like an old Baptist hymn, "When We Walk with the Lord," whose chorus begins, "Trust and obey." The words, however, are in the form of an ad in the "personals" section. I can just hear his hollow, scratchy voice warbling out:

"Play and abort,
I'm in search of the sort
Who's so loose in her morals
That she'll play and abort."

David Martin

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