by DCDave

Susan Schmidt of The Washington Post wrote an article in which she dismissed reporter Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the Sunday Telegraph of London as a "conspiracy theorist." He responded with a blistering essay whose title was taken from Emile Zola's famous editorial in the Dreyfus Affair, "J'accuse."

A smug young reporter named Schmidt
Bespattered an estimable Brit,
Understandably toasted,
He left her well roasted
From one pithy turn on his spit.

David Martin

Evans-Pritchard's book, "The Secret Life of Bill Clinton," is by far the best compendium available on the various Clinton scandals. Roger Morris' "Partners in Power, the Clintons and Their America" makes great complementary reading. Evans-Pritchard's perspective is from the political right, Morris' is from the political left.

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