Beneath His Station
by DCDave

Here is the Yalie Net-spook's lament:
"How come they let HIM be the president?
He's just a hayseed philanderer;
I could have at least been a senator.
I can argue my case from the left or the right;
I could have been anti-war or a hawk in the fight,
And when they decided our prisoners to bury,
I could have done it as well as John Kerry.
Why couldn't they make me famous or rich?
I know I'm as smart as the lesbian bitch,
Or that best-selling hack at The Washington Post,
Anyone can take notes from a CIA ghost.
What kind of reward is my recompense?
Look what they've done for the lawyer for Vince.
Sometimes I can get in a few feeble licks,
But usually I'm doodled by insolent hicks."

David Martin

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