Tired Old Tactics
by DCDave

"In the time-honored tradition of all police states, the Greek officials attempted to isolate Rea (Polk, widow of George) to convince her she was hated by her own countrymen, in order to undermine whatever resistance she still offered. The Royalist-controlled press echoed the police line, portraying Rea as a 'bad' Greek, not a patriot, not even a good wife."
--Kati Marton, "The Polk Conspiracy, Murder and Cover-up in the Case of CBS News Correspondent George Polk" (NY: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 1990) p. 221

In the tried-and-true martial-state manner,
Honoring my pariah station,
The news-group goons have unfurled their banner
Announcing my isolation.

David Martin

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