The Muted Clarion
by DCDave

Excuse me, sir, but did you see
About the White House forgery?
You know, the famous torn-up note
They say that Vincent Foster wrote,
In which he said he wasn't meant
To be so high in government?
Well, now we've learned that missive fractured
Was entirely manufactured.

What's that, you say, you hadn't heard,
And, furthermore, you doubt my word?
Surely such a brazen ruse
Would have topped the nightly news
When daily less important crimes
Are bannered in the New York Times.
How could what I say be true
And be completely dept from view?

Welcome to our wonderland,
So far from what its founders planned,
With justice trampled to the ground
We still don't hear the tocsin sound.
The Fourth Estate of which we've boasted
Isn't there to keep us posted,
And silent sounds the sentinel
While the country goes to hell.

David Martin

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