The Readers' Forum
by DCDave

To write the perfect unpublishable letter
A newspaper reader could hardly do better
Than to send in a note with the slightest hint
That we've been deceived by the government
In case after high-level case.

It's forbidden to impugn the investigation
Of any suspicious assassination,
And you cannot allude to things that you know
That you might have picked up on a video,
Such heresies have no place.

You surely would blow your 32 cents
Denouncing those yappers behind the fence
Who loudly proclaim that Vince Foster died
As a result of depression and suicide,
Then refuse to come out and debate.

If the cover-up subject is important enough
No skeptical letter will have the right stuff.
In light of the thousands that must have been sent,
If you want to see such epistles in print,
For a cold day in hell you can wait.

David Martin

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