From CS* Exile
by DCDave

"Oh sick we are to read you,
You disagreeable cuss,
You may be good for something
But you are not good for us.
Oh go where you are wanted
For here you won't be missed."
And that was their fine fare-thee-well
When they kicked me off the list.

I will go where I am wanted,
To a far, far better place,
Where it's not their job to bring me down,
And they let me make my case,
Where my request to have my say
I know they won't refuse,
I'll go where I am wanted,
I will post through Deja News.

I will go where I am wanted,
With the case I have to make:
The foes of Hot Springs' favorite son
Up at the top are fake,
Having covered up so long
They cannot break old habits,
With bigger game within their sights
They go off chasing rabbits.

I will go where I am needed
And I hope to have some fun
Doing what I have to do
To help see justice done,
Where the ranks of truth are thin
And the artifice is thick,
And the enemies of freedom,
They shall see me and be sick.

David Martin
With some help from A.E. Housman

*An online discussion group concentrating on the Clinton scandals. It is open under new management as the cas list (Clinton administration scandals).

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