Justice in the Dark
by DCDave

The Burkett parents
Uncovered the worst:
The autopsy they paid for
Contradicted the first.

Not by his own hand
Did he draw his last breath;
It's plain their son, Tommy,
Was beaten to death.

The results were as plain
As the nose on your face;
The Fairfax performance
Had been a disgrace.

But the low-level cops
Aren't as good as the high,
So the case was reviewed
By the FBI.

Those trusting these people
Must now be confounded,
The Fairfax disgrace
Was only compounded.

To the local authorities
They lent their support
With a 1,800-page
Secret report.

Now this is one family
That's indeed come to see
What living is like
Under tyranny.

David Martin

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