Optimistic Interlude
by DCDave

Sometimes I get the feeling
That there's hope for the human race.
Then I think of our government's actions
In the Kenneth Trentadue case,
And there goes my hope for the species
Disappearing without a trace.

David Martin

p.s. This poem, alas, works equally well for any number of substitutes for "Kenneth Trentadue," the parole violator savagely beaten to death at the Federal Transfer Center in Oklahoma City and incredibly ruled a suicide by hanging. One could plug in Vincent Foster, Randy Weaver, Col.Sabow, or even Wenatchee, Washington. In this last case in which a large number of quite respectable and obviously thoroughly innocent people were sent to prison on spurious child molestation charges, one would also have to say "the government" instead of "our government" because it wasn't the feds this time but the local government, although Janet Reno seems to be having a very hard time seeing any federal civil rights violation there. You may read about the Wenatchee case in a book by Kathryn Lyon entitled "Witch Hunt."

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