The Fugitive
by DCDave

I'm running from the thought police
The APB is out,
The thought police are looking for
A "hurtful-talking" lout.

I'm "racist" say the thought police,
Because I'm colorblind,
They'd send me off to training camp
And try to flush my mind.

I'm guilty, say the thought police,
Too masculine of gender,
Unsuited, say the thought police,
For their gender blender.

They're always preaching tolerance,
They love it, it would seem,
But me they will not tolerate,
They say I'm too "extreme."

I'm wanted by the thought police,
I can't accept their blather,
I don't believe a thing I'm told
By Totenberg or Rather.

My dealings with the thought police
Will be forever stormy,
Because I'm not content to let them
Do my thinking for me.

I'm hated by the thought police,
The worst of all my crimes,
According to the thought police,
Is writing verse that rhymes.

David Martin

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