The Grass Is Greener


Two homosexual men

Were walking down the street

When a luscious buxom babe

They happened there to meet.


Then the first guy deeply sighed

And said to the other one,

“Don’t you sometimes think that lesbians

Are having all the fun?”


David Martin


This is my third foray into the genre that Washington Post humor writer Gene Weingarten claims to have invented, making a poem out of an old joke.  I’ll take him at his word, because I had never seen it done before I read his first published collection.  He dubs them “pokes,” for poem/joke.  The first two of mine were “New Road to Damascus” and “Robert Morrow’s Fate?”  And, yes, I am aware that what I have written is politically incorrect and would be regarded by some people as downright insensitive.


David Martin

January 14, 2017





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