The Ballad of Ibragim Todashev


                                                               They grilled him through the dark of night

                                                               And then they took his life,

                                                               But he was just another Muslim

                                                               And they said he had a knife.


                                                               They shot him all of seven times,

                                                               With a kill shot to the head.

                                                               He was about to admit to a heinous crime.

                                                               They say so…and he’s dead.


                                                               He scared them with his martial arts;

                                                               He was just too strong, too quick,

                                                               And about that knife they said he had,

                                                               Would you believe a stick?


                                                               Just ask the Pratts or the Trentadues

                                                               When those folks ever lie.

                                                               They’re Whitey Bulger’s biggest friends.

                                                               They’re the FBI.


                                                               David Martin





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