Rory's Resolution

                                                                   When I was one and twenty
                                                                   I heard a wise man say,
                                                                   "Be careful on the 10th hole
                                                                   Or it could ruin your day."
                                                                   But at the top of the leader board
                                                                   My name there I did see,
                                                                   And I was one and twenty:
                                                                   No use to talk to me.

                                                                   Then I clipped a pine tree
                                                                   And wound up in some yard.
                                                                   Yes, I knew the wise man
                                                                   Had said the hole was hard.
                                                                   A triple bogey was my fate,
                                                                   But the words were not in vain.
                                                                   When I am two and twenty
                                                                   I won't do that again.

                                                                   David Martin

                                                                   April 11, 2011



                                                                 Rory’s Redemption

                                                                   Then the 10th came up again

                                                                   With just two months gone by

                                                                   He took his graceful swing

                                                                   And nearly holed it on the fly.

                                                                   The world could see that day

                                                                   That he had learned from his mistakes

                                                                   But the famous poet might say,

                                                                   “What a difference a birthday makes!”

                                                                   David Martin

                                                                   June 22, 2011                                            





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