The Coins

                                                (Poe Meets Keiser)

                                                                   See the rich man on the coins,
                                                                   Silver coins!
                                                                   As the perspicacious pundit now his bold crusade enjoins:
                                                                   Bring down JP Morgan;
                                                                   Restore reality.
                                                                   Just folks can do far more than
                                                                   Any sorry sinking organ
                                                                   Of the media monopoly.
                                                                   So go and buy, buy, buy;
                                                                   As we watch the bastards cry,
                                                                   Like they've all been kicked together in their rendered-useless groins
                                                                   By the coins, coins, coins, coins
                                                                   Coins, coins, coins.
                                                                   From all you cheeky rascals buying up the coins.


                                                                   David Martin



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