Waxing Indignant over 9-11 Truth

                          "How dare you!" they said;
                           What else can they say?
                           The facts of the case
                           Will not go away.

                           Skyscrapers came down
                           Like they were demolished.
                           The iron laws of physics
                           Were neatly abolished.

                           They fell straight and fast.
                            It's never happened before
                            With fire as the cause.
                            What about the steel core?

                            To produce the effect
                            That we witnessed that day,
                            There had to be something
                            That sliced it away.

                            Five foreigners filmed it,
                            Some said gleefully,
                            But the cover-up master
                            Just let them go free.

                            One structure fell later,
                            Like a judgment from heaven.
                            Maybe God pulled it,
                            That large Building 7.

                            Of the many anomalies,
                            I've listed but few.
                            The string-pullers did
                            What they set out to do.

                            The war motivation
                            They feared that we lacked
                            Was duly provided
                            When we were "attacked."

                         David Martin


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