Press Peonage II

                                            Pity the radio talk show host,
                                            Trapped inside the system.
                                            He might get urges to speak the truth,
                                            But he knows he must resist ‘em.

                                            Around the country he sees too well
                                            The obstacles that face him.
                                            Should he succumb to his principles
                                            They could easily replace him.

                                            Though much he may see in our governance
                                            Is thoroughly reprehensible,
                                            Our babbling boy will stick to his trade,
                                            Defending the indefensible.

                                            And though he may trim his morality
                                            To be certain he can't be attacked,
                                            We have seen in the case of Christopher Core,
                                            He can still be ingloriously sacked.

                                             David Martin




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