You know what bothers me most of all
                                 Is those guys that never learn how to play ball.
                                 I've known some real losers, but I think that the worst
                                 Was that bum with the plant up on Fifty-First,
                                 Good looking fellow, all polished and slim,
                                 The jerk believed nothing could happen to him,
                                 He thought all his money was enough to protect him,
                                 His stupid self-confidence finally wrecked him.
                                 What he didn't know was our guy was on top,
                                 We had every pol and we had every cop.
                                 The suckers don't know that we nailed him yet,
                                 We had every hack at the News and Gazette.
                                 We hired a good hit man, and the boss didn't know it,
                                 But I even sprung for a slick-writing poet.
                                 As soon as the boss seen how good that it went
                                 He called it the very best dime that we spent.
                                 Now youse have all heard my gospel-truth story.
                                 Too bad what we done to that slick Richard Cory.

                                 David "Big Fella" Martin

                                  See also "The Richard Cory Effect.



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