Look Up

                                                    Look up to the organization
                                          With the proper awe and fear;
                                          Bow down to your earthly betters,
                                          And safeguard your career.

                                          Neither sun nor moon will smite you,
                                          In daytime or at night,
                                          If you keep your waters waveless,
                                          Regardless of what's right.

                                          Your temporal protectors
                                          Will neither slumber nor sleep,
                                          As long as you are one
                                          With the company that you keep.

                                          With sovereignty unchecked
                                          By any Higher Power,
                                          The purposeful collective
                                          Displays its finest flower.

                                          That purpose is whatever
                                          Our vulgar fancy wills
                                          When no one's eyes are lifted
                                          Unto the Psalmist's hills.

                                                    David Martin
                                          (Based on Psalm 121)




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