Citizen Vigilance

                                                         by DCDave

                                          Report suspicious activity

                                Cell phone calls are made from planes;
                                Off-course planes are ignored.
                                Gas fires melt construction steel,
                                But spare a "hijacker" passport.
                                Dead "hijackers" are found alive abroad;
                                Celebrating Mossaders are sent to join them.
                                First-time pilots perform like aces;
                                Their trainers have spook-world connections.
                                The Pentagon pilot failed at Bowie,
                                But they say he obtained a license.
                                An Israeli company got advance warning;
                                Put options set new records.
                                A Pennsylvania crash is strewn for miles,
                                While the Pentagon plane disappears.
                                On 9-11 we were stumblebums,
                                But we solved the crime in minutes.

                                That ought to be enough for now;
                                Oh, I think I saw Pogo's enemy.

                                David Martin





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