Dubya's "Great News"

                                          by DCDave

                                            So he lied about the danger to us,
                                   It's what you'd expect him to do,
                                   But he saved Iraq from Saddam Hussein:
                                  "I thought that meant something to you."

                                   David Martin


Unfortunately, the passage of time has tended to rob this poem of its meaning.  When I wrote it, Geico insurance company was running its series of comically incongruous commercials on U. S. television.  In a variety of situations someone announces that he has "good news."  You expect it to be related to the matter at hand, but invariably it will be about how he just saved money on his car insurance by switching to Geico.  In one of the better ones, the scene is a soap opera setting involving, obviously, a love triangle.  An impossibly beautiful young thing is weeping over her inability to have a very sincere looking hunk all to herself.  At that point, the hunk announces that he has good news.  "You're leaving Jessica?" asks the crying damsel hopefully.  "No," says the stud, "I just saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to Geico."  Not surprisingly, this seems not to mollify the beauty, so the hunk grows even more serious and says, " I saved.  I thought that meant something to you."



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