Baxter of Enron, R.I.P.
by DCDave

Our man ratted out the firm;
The big guys took it hard.
So Cliff had spoken of his need
To get a bodyguard.

And sure enough, there was a point
To what Baxter said.
Before the sun had risen twice,
Someone found him dead.

They reached a verdict of self-murder
With unseemly haste.
The Foster case conclusion-jump
Was easily outpaced.

They said he wrote a parting note
That they quickly found,
But on the need to keep it cloaked,
They would not expound.

And even on the finding place
They could not agree,
Nor would anyone affirm
Its authenticity.

They said a gun was in his hand,
But do you think they lied?
For in the later news reports,
The gun was at his side.

We saw authorities compete
To call it suicide,
Before police could take the steps
To rule out homicide.

We know that one, the coroner,
Works with a checkered past.
Should Justice take her blindfold off,
Shed surely be aghast.

The news says only "suicide,"
And to us all, "begone."
The watchdogs in the media
Have put the blindfolds on.

David Martin

p.s. Go to Accuracy in Media and search "Baxter."

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