The Web
by DCDave

We're living in a tangled web,
Born of cruel deception.
We're marching to a sturdy drum,
But in the wrong direction.
We'll never extricate ourselves
From this deep morass
Until we educate ourselves
On things that came to pass.

The roots are in the martial strain
That permeates the nation
And the threat of enemies
We've had since our creation.
The axis, then the communists,
Had to be defeated.
For this our store of liberty
Has slowly been depleted

Their lead in mischief was go great
We had to run to catch them,
But with their methods and their men,
We soon could more than match them.
We pulled out almost every stop
To win the secret war,
Losing sight of all the good
That we were fighting for.

Now a gangster government
Is ruling unopposed,
Controlling all the means by which
It might have been exposed.
Only when its web of lies
Is thoroughly unraveled
Will we ever get to see
The sorry road we've traveled.

David Martin

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