Mourning in America 2
by DCDave

We're mourning in America
While our leaders sleep.
We're mourning in America.
The knife is cutting deep.

We're lying in America
On beds that we have made.
We're lying in America.
The price is being paid.

We're crying in America.
Hear the muted scream.
We're crying in America.
It's like a dreary dream.

They're dying in America,
Victims of a choice.
They're dying in America.
Then why do some rejoice?

America, America, what's in store America?
Must we be forever haunted
By the souls of our unwanted,
Those done in by our own hand
Because their being wasn't planned?

We're losing in America
All that they could give.
We're losing in America.
Why can't we let them live?

David Martin

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