WaPo: Donald “Hitler” Can Still Be Stopped


As scurrilous, as propagandistic, as almost frantic was the mainstream news coverage of the election and especially of the campaign of president-elect Donald Trump was, it has quite shockingly become even worse in the aftermath.  Never have we witnessed such sore losers.  I have cited it before, and it’s time to invoke this very prescient observation by Patrick Buchanan again: 


America is crossing into a new era. Trump seems to have caught the wave, while [Hillary] Clinton seems to belong to yesterday.  A note of caution: This establishment is not going quietly. (Emphasis added.)


Indeed, the folks at The Washington Post at least are still acting like their livelihoods, if not their very lives, still depend upon keeping Donald Trump from actually taking the presidential oath of office.  Now, most recently, with their three-wise-monkey approach to the ominous PizzaGate scandal, one really has to wonder why they are so fearful. (One can also find lots of information on this subject like this on YouTube posted by independent researchers, but perhaps not much longer.)


Whatever the case, The Post on Saturday, November 25, lifted a trial balloon for its last ditch effort to keep Trump out of power.  Right under an editorial entitled “Pizzeria in crazyland,” The Post gathered three letters to the editor and showcased them in the following manner:




The new breed of dangerous know-nothings


Into his poignant Nov. 22, Washington Sketch column about his daughter’s bat mitzvah against the backdrop of a gathering in Washington of white supremacists celebrating Donald Trump’s election, “Trump needs to disown his neo-Nazi hangers-on,” Dana Milbank wove the rabbi’s recitation of George Washington’s timeless injunction in a letter to members of an early community of Jews in Newport, R.I., that the new republic of which they were a part “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance.”


This first principle of our common civic life was elaborated shortly thereafter in the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, making plain the fact that Muslims as well as Jews were to enjoy the blessings of religious liberty.  That document, signed by John Adams, declared that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion [and] has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims].”


That Christians, Jews and Muslims—along with atheists and agnostics—coexisted peacefully in Rhode Island and elsewhere even before the Revolutionary War is evidence of the vitality of Roger Williams’s noble experiment of religious freedom for all.  That this priceless principle is once more under attack speaks to the dreadful and dangerous ignorance of a new breed of know-nothings whose rantings have found renewed resonance in the land.


                                                                                                     Stan Hastey, Alexandria


After reading about the incredibly disturbing meeting at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Northwest Washington described in the Nov. 23 front-page article “Richard Spencer’s vision: Apartheid in America,” (the title on the print version - ed.) I suggest that the meeting attendees visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum.


Meaningful exposure to the horrors of the Holocaust and a history lesson would be far more significant than Brinker International, the company that owns the Maggiano’s chain, writing a check to the Anti-Defamation League.


And by the way, those publicly proclaiming a “Seig Heil” should be identified.  I would personally drive them to the museum.


                                                                                                     Edward R. Lipsit, Bethesda


Speaking before an adoring audience of nearly 275 people at the Ronald Reagan Building, a zealot named Richard Spencer gave a toxic, rancid speech full of hateful white-supremacist propaganda that ended with a rabble-rousing flourish: “Hail Trump! Hail our people!  Hail victory!” A camera panned the audience during the applause to reveal many people standing with a stiff-armed Nazi salute.


One could dismiss this horrific display as a fringe group of neo-Nazi extremists, except that they branded themselves as “alt-right,” a neo-fascist movement whose chief public spokesman and propagandist is Stephen K. Bannon, a racist and anti-Semitic journalist whom President-elect Donald Trump has appointed as his right-hand man, his “chief strategist.” To add insult to injury, Mr. Trump has also chosen as his attorney general Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who is contemptuous of civil rights.  Some of Mr. Trump’s other picks display a paranoid fear of Muslims.


The writing is clearly on the wall.  The parallels with Germany in 1933 could scarcely be more evident.  I urge the Republican members of the electoral college throughout the nation to examine their consciences and reconsider: They alone have the power to prevent our nation from spiraling into a nightmare of fascism and violence.  Thirty-eight electoral votes is all it takes to prevent this catastrophe.  Do they have the courage to put loyalty to our nation and it s founding ideals before party loyalty?


                                                                                                Thomas I. Ellis, Hampton, Va.


Please note the orchestration at work here.  First we have the front-page publicity given to this presumed new leader of a “white nationalist” movement in the country.  I used to attend the annual display on the National Mall in Washington, DC, of the “cover-up quilt” by an organization called Parents against Corruption and Cover-up, made up of the families of Tommy Burkett, Kenneth Trentadue, Danny Casolaro, Tina Ricca, and numerous others around the country.  The events were well attended and I am sure that no one paid any of us to be there, but that gathering never received the first mention by The Post. 


Then The Post either selects out of the thousands of comments it receives about the article, or what is at least as likely, prints three letters written by members of the same intelligence apparatus of which it is a part, to convey the message that it is selling.  The impression is left that this is the voice of the people speaking.  In this instance, when the voice might sound extreme to a lot of people, that is, that Donald Trump is really the equivalent of Hitler and therefore enough Republican electors should take the very dangerous and unprecedented step of casting their ballots for someone other than the man chosen by the voters, The Post is able to claim that they, themselves, are not actually calling for that.


Even if the letter writers might be, after a fashion, authentic, there is a very good chance that neither the man, Richard Spencer, nor the white nationalist movement that he is supposedly leading these days is.  To me, Spencer looks like nothing so much as a younger version of the similarly highly educated and urbane Jared Taylor, another “white nationalist” that The Post has tried to hang around Trump’s neck.  Unlike Taylor, Spencer is not a Yale product but is primarily a product of the University of Virginia, which, as an outpost of America’s Deep State, is beginning to look a lot like Yale-south.  It is the home of the Miller Center of Public Affairs, after all, which, as I have pointed out, has been a leader in the cover-up of both the John F. Kennedy and the James Forrestal assassinations.  The Miller Center’s director from 1998 to 2005 was Philip Zelikow, who later was appointed by President George W. Bush to be the executive director of the 9/11 Commission.  The University of Virginia is also where you will find political science professor Larry Sabato, that veritable fountain of the conventional wisdom who might very likely be the most quoted academic in the country by the mainstream media.


As for this “white nationalism” business, considering how little the various ethnic groups who fall under the general category of “white” have in common, my impression is that there’s really not much of a genuine market for what they are selling.  If one has such a living to make in the second decade of the 21st century in the United States it appears to me that there are only two ways to do it, as a fake white racist or a real black racist. 


Post Drops Its Disguise


By December 6 (Dec. 7 print edition) The Post had probably decided that not enough people would see what they had assembled from those letter writers, so they had syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker give voice to their last-gasp hopes.  “Electors, please be unfaithful,” read the heading on the print edition, while online it saidElectoral college should be unfaithful.” Ms. Parker probably realized that she couldn’t use the rationale of the letter writers because it was too extreme and simply lacked plausibility.  It’s really difficult to sell the worldly New York businessman Donald Trump as some kind of racial extremist, so she falls back on the other staple of the Clinton campaign against her opponent, the man is dangerous. “His demonstrated lack of judgment and impulse control should send shivers down the spines of all Americans in consideration of the nuclear arsenal he is poised to have at his fingertips.” She concludes with this ringing (civil war?) cry:

Electors are scheduled to meet Dec. 19 in their respective states to cast their final ballots. If there are 37 Republicans among them with the courage to perform their moral duty and protect the nation from a talented but dangerous president-elect, a new history of heroism will have to be written.

Please, be brave.

Folks might recognize in this bleat of desperation an echo not just of the Clinton campaign but of the efforts to stop Trump from getting the Republican nomination after he had received more than enough votes to put him over the top before the Republican convention began.  The Post and the never-Trumpers within the Republican Party were also calling for that “conscience” vote back then, as well, but it got them nowhere then and it’s hardly likely to get them anywhere this time, either.  One can’t help but think that, like the various sore-loser demonstrations, the main thing that it will accomplish is to increase Trump’s support and further diminish the public’s confidence in the mainstream media.


This desperate, last-ditch attempt to stop Trump signals the likelihood of very turbulent waters ahead for the country.  It’s really an untenable situation for a nation’s head of state and its de facto Ministry of Propaganda to be on two separate pages.  Something will have to give.  We are in for some exciting times.


David Martin

December 8, 2016





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