JPG: Darryl Zanuck and Roy Cohn, with cigar, 1950s, probably during McCarthy hearings
Darryl Zanuck and Roy (with cigarette holder)
1950s, probably during McCarthy hearings

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Roy Cohn

Lawyer/ mobster extraordinaire Roy is the kinda guy who makes you want to hide your eyes and hang your head, and mumble "Ohmigawd, say it isn't so. He can't have been gay."

JPG: Roy Cohn headshot
probably about 1980
Well, kiddies, he was. His father was a big time judge and Democratic politician. With that start, Roy became a big time Republican and persecutor of gay men even as he surrounded himself with the choicest morsels of male flesh in America and Europe and even the southern hemisphere in private. Roy did not just have gay tendencies; he was a screaming faggot. He began his career by being instrumental in putting Ethel and Julius Rosenberg to death. It was downhill from there.
This aide de camp, make that "to camp," for Senator Joe McCarthy was an attorney for McCarthy during the famous hearings on perverts and communists in Hollywood, in the arts, and in the State Department in the 1950s.
Also serving as aides were none other than Robert Kennedy and Roy's beloved of the moment, the wealthy and hunkish, at least to Roy, G. David Schine. Davey is just too obvious to make the boyblue tabulation of the Roy's whores. There were no lovers, although there was the Aramis man and assorted other passers through. But those are other filthy stories I'm sure surfers wouldn't care to have aired here.

JPG: L to R, Schine, McCarthy, Cohn, McCarthy-Army hearings, 1954
Roy with his lover G. David Schine
and his mentor, Joe McCarthy
Army-McCarthy hearings, 1954
Do not think the efforts of Roy and his cohorts to jail gay people were hypocritical; it was just what one did in those days, especially if one was Roy Cohn. He was also one of the most corrupt, opportunistic, and powerful and influential men in New York and Washington for a good while. He had ties to the mob as well as to the political and business aristocracy of America, not always different people. Among his high-profile law clients were Mafia boss Carmine Galante, Roman Catholic Cardinal Francis Spellman (a member of the club himself and no mean sleaze ball either), jet-setter Bianca Jagger, artist Andy Warhol, the designer Calvin Klein, and real estate executive Donald Trump. Si Newhouse, owner of just about every newspaper in America, was also a close buddy and client from childhood. He dated Barbara Walters in his youth (whatever did those two do?) and even spread gossip they would marry. Then there was soulmate/client, the queen of the IRS herself, Leona Helmsley, and the list goes on.
Cohn was a power-broker of the first rank. He said he always regretted being gay because it kept him from being president. So there is reason to be thankful he was a fag.
I don't know that there ever was only one man for Roy, even for fifteen minutes. The best candidate for lover of Roy would seem to be Richard Dupont, the semi-literate owner/operator of the Big Gym/Whorehouse in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Roy eventually did Richard in financially and otherwise and tossed him aside, like he did everybody else.
Dickie, poor soul, wasn't too bright even if he was overly beautiful at one time. What Roy hadn't counted on was that Dickie was also a vengeful cunt. Dickie painted the sidewalks outside Roy's ever so expensive but shabby Upper East Side townhouse with little endearments like, "Cohn is a fag." Ya gotta hand it to the guy for dodging every means Roy could come up with to stomp him out. None of this ever got reported because Roy was intimate with and supplied intimates to some of the most powerful people in New York. His 50th birthday party was a huge bash at Studio 54 with all the customary accoutrements that implies. Steve Rubell, disco diva and hustler pimp, was naturally best buddies with Roy. Roy was a basement regular at Studio, of course, where the elite met their meat and played in the snow.
Now we come to the real sad part of the story, which I just love. Roy gets real sick, probably from all those nights in that damp basement. The most expensive New York doctors can't figure out what's wrong. Just ta show you what a gay trendie Roy was, it is now known that he was one of the very first guys to get AIDS, which makes a lot of sense if you think about it. It killed him, probably the only decent thing that disease has ever done. Roy had the best treatment on earth then available. He assumed that since he had endless money and connections, he would get The Cure the instant it became available and that he could even speed up that process for himself and a handful of friends. Since money could buy anything, he had no doubts he would soon be well. He wasn't. He died quite dead in the 1980s only to be revivified in books, plays, movies, and by boyblue.
After Roy reached the terminal stage of AIDS, a vengeful Dick Dupont showed up with a bouquet of wilted flowers beside Roy's deathbed. Roy was not pleased. I dunno if Roy was even capable of loving Dick at one time, but boyblue sure wudda been. Dick obviously had class and style.
A surfer reminds me that Peter Fraser was the supposed man in Roy's life at the time of Roy's heart-rending passing. So I finally dredged up a pic of Peter. He was said to be a gorgeous young New Zealander. Frankly, I don't think he's all that cute. But like I say, ya just never know what these world famous types will go for when they can take anybody to bed. Just makes no sense.
Roy always had an entourage, so boyblue is determined not to believe this was true selfless love on anybody's part. It was just case of a gold-digger lucky enough to be present in the last days of a rich ego maniac who could afford not to die with his needs unattended. Peter is apparently still alive somewhere. Since Roy presumably died broke, owing the IRS seven mil actually, poor Peter could be anywhere, unless he found a stash of cash in Switzerland or something. Who knows?

JPG: Roy at home, 1986
Roy at home characteristically
waving something,
in this instance the flag, 1986
I once saw a pic of a boatload...yacht load, rather, of well-endowed candidates for the Roy Cohn slot. Roy's yacht, naturally, with Roy aboard, and I don't mean the yacht. I mean the yachtload aboard Roy...whatever. We're looking for those boys who had a longer term relationship with Roy, however, not just a summer long group orgy. I think Dickie's our man, but I'm open to suggestions. Certainly Roy was. He and a wealthy Los Angeles doctor used to swap muscle boys across the continent for the evening. It is rumored he did the same with J. Edgar Hoover. Cohn did have a certain style about him, arrogant, tasteless boor that he was. Meanwhile surfers, I need fun pics of the Dupont stud, maybe in a posing strap with a handful of wilted daisies. Extra points, of course, for no strap.

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