News Quiz
by DCDave

"Perhaps one approach would be to ask: How are responsible journalists NOT like Matt Drudge? The answer is that they are less partisan, more detached, more accurate. They understand the uses and misuses of balance. They appreciate the difference between opinion--their own in particular--and truth. Unlike self-styled Web journalists, with no distance between their thumb and the 'enter' key, responsible journalists have publishers, editors, ethics and professional reputations built over time. In short, responsible journalists have better filters." 

This is a quote from David T. Z. Mindich, "The New New Journalism," in the Wall Street Journal op. ed. page (A18), July 15, 1999. Mindich is a professor of journalism at St. Michael's College in Colchester, VT, and is author of the 1998 book, Just the Facts, How Objectivity Came to Define American Journalism. (New York University Press)

True-False, explain.

David Martin
July 15, 1999

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