Barr Follows DC Dave
by DCDave

Alleges Illegal Transfer of his FBI File to News Media
By Marvin Lee

Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) on Friday filed suit in federal district court in Washington, DC against the Clinton White House for illegally requesting from the FBI and illegally transferring to publisher Larry Flynt, spinmeister James Carville, and reporter Dan Moldea, his FBI file. Flynt, Carville, and Moldea subsequently used information, which Barr contends must have been obtained from his FBI file, in an attempt to discredit him in his capacity as a critic of the White House.

Also named in the lawsuit is the Clinton Justice Department for acceding to the illegal White House request for Barr’s confidential FBI file. Barr contends that both the White House and the Justice Department violated the Privacy Act and asks for compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees.

Barr is represented by Judicial Watch, which is already litigating a "Filegate" lawsuit on behalf of others whose FBI files were misused by the White House.

[The full text of the complaint filed Friday in federal court is available in the Verbatim section of this issue]

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Barr's people must be reading my web site. See what I posted on January 16, 99:

Blackmail, J. Edgar Style

David Martin
June 30, 1999

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