Does Yale Hold the Key?
by DCDave

Since I wrote the article, "The Counsel, the Cop, and the Keys," I have learned of another Yale product involved in covering up Clinton scandals and recalled some others (Not counting Clinton Administration Scandals mailing list host, Ray Heizer). Diana West notes in the February 5 issue of The Washington Times that David Kendall was not the only Clinton lawyer who was at Yale at the same time as the Clintons. So, too, was Gregory Craig.

Another Yale man covering up for fellow Yalies Bill and Hillary is Professor Sidney Blatt of the Department of Psychology, who wrote the piece in the December, 1995, American Psychologist on Vincent Foster's "suicide," which he attributed, ridiculously enough, to Foster's "perfectionism." Read about that in Part 3 of my " America's Dreyfus Affair, the Case of the Death of Vincent Foster" on my website.

Esteemed Yale Professor Emeritus of History, C. Vann Woodward, was among the 400 scholarly ostriches who have argued that Bill Clinton's offenses do not measure up to impeachment standards.

Might I remind the readers further that Roger Morris in Partners in Power, the Clintons and their America cites several contacts that he considers reliable for the claim that the young Bill spied on the anti-war movement in England for the CIA while he was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, and the connection between the CIA and Yale was known to have been strong long before Yalie George Bush became CIA head and his Yalie son became a leading presidential candidate in the eyes of the pundits. Here's what Yale history professor, Robin Winks, has written in Cloak and Gown, Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961:

"From Yale's class of 1943 alone, at least forty-two young men entered intelligence work, largely in the OSS, many to remain on after the war to form the core of the new CIA. Rightly or wrongly, a historian could, in assessing the link between the university and the agency, declare in 1984 that Yale had influenced the CIA more than any other university did. This generalization was extended by a student journalist into the judgment that for four decades 'Yale had influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other institution, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.'" (p. 35)

Finally, let us not forget Senator John Kerry, who like George W. Bush is being touted by the press as a leading presidential candidate for the year 2000. Kerry is not only a Yale graduate but, like Watergate reporter and fellow Yalie Bob Woodward, he was an officer in the U.S. Navy. Kerry was the member of the D'Amato Committee on Whitewater who argued vociferously that the Foster briefcase that Sen. Murkowski showed to the committee could have easily concealed the 27 pieces of the "suicide note" even though it had been previously emptied out and inventoried much like Foster's pants pockets in the park. I wrote the following poem about the episode at the time:

The Spear Carrier

Behold yon Foster briefcase,
Notice that as it stands
You can't see a thing inside it

So solemnly demonstrated
The indignant Senator Kerry,
A man whose cover-up powers
Are becoming legendary.

His works for official miscreants
Never cease to amaze,
You need only ask the families
Of America's MIAs.

But the POW/MIA cover-up is a story for another time.

David Martin
February 7, 1999

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