Fake Clinton Critic Ruddy
by DCDave

What are we to make of the one American journalist who has consistently written articles on the Vince Foster case that are critical of the government's finding of suicide from depression in Fort Marcy Park, but has manifested so little real interest in pursuing justice in the case now that Kenneth Starr has put the capper on the series of cover-ups?

If one types in "Vincent Foster" in the dogpile search engine of search engines, the web site that comes up most often is Ruddy's Newsmax. At that site he has some worthwhile information that one can hardly get anywhere else, but he is also selling Ann Coulter's book with the blurb, "Chris Ruddy recommends this book."

Here is how her chapter entitled "Fostergate" begins, and don't believe for a minute that Ruddy doesn't know it:

White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster, Jr., was found dead in Fort Marcy Park in northern Virginia on Tuesday, July 20, 1993, shortly after 5:30 PM. The death was reportedly a suicide, a single gunshot through the head. He was the first top executive official to kill himself since Secretary of Defense James Forrestal committed suicide in 1949.

For White House cover-ups, almost nothing beats the case of Vince Foster. Not of how he died--that, Independent Counsel Ken Starr established, was clearly a suicide--but of what Foster was working on in his White House office. (Points to ponder: If Starr is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, why did he conclude Foster's death was a suicide? If conspiracy theorists on the right are supposed to accept his conclusion that Foster's death was a suicide, conspiracy theorists on the left ought to show a little respect for Starr's determinations of malfeasance by the Clinton administration.)

That was on p. 183. This is on p. 191-192:

There are other oddities surrounding the White House's actions in the wake of Foster's suicide. After the suicide note was discovered on July 26, 1993, for example, Mrs. Clinton directed Mack McLarty and others not to inform the president about the discovery. (Why would they tell us they did that? ed.) She asked Bernard Nussbaum and Steve Neuwirth to research whether executive privilege could be asserted to cover the suicide note. Consider that there was nothing exceptional about the note--apart from the delay in its discovery. (that, and the little fact that it's clearly a forgery. ed.) The note defensively denounced the press for its interest in the White House's actions in the Travel Office firings, and famously asserted that in Washington "ruining people is considered sport." Still, no one called Mrs. Foster the evening the note was discovered, and President Clinton did not learn of it until after Mrs. Clinton met with Nussbaum and Neuwirth to discuss their research on invoking executive privilege to cover the suicide note. No smoking gun, certainly, but it IS damned peculiar.

This is not the work of a real journalist. This is pure, unvarnished propaganda. And what does it say about the leading American journalistic "government critic" in the Foster case that he should peddle this poison on the Internet and even give it his unequivocal endorsement?

For the antidote to the poison you may read my "America's Dreyfus Affair, the Case of the Death of Vincent Foster" on my web site.

David Martin
January 10, 1999

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