CIA Pushes P.R. Statehood
by DCDave

Today's Washington Times provides powerful new support to my thesis, heavily documented in my new article on my web site, "CIA Plots Puerto Rico Statehood," that the globalists who are pulling the strings of the CIA, as well as that of our overall political leadership, are scheming to slip statehood for Puerto Rico in on the residents of the 50 states before they can wise up as to what is going on.

To see the hand of the CIA in America's press look for something that the newspapers are virtually unanimously for, across the political spectrum, but the American people are heavily against. Two good examples come readily to mind, the NAFTA and the findings of the Warren Commission. I was challenged on this by a Puerto Rican statehood zealot on the soc.culture.puerto-rico news group with respect to the current P.R. statehood legislation (disguised as P.R. "self-determination") that passed the House by one vote and is now in the Senate. That legislation would grease the skids to statehood and to the extent that our news media have not blacked out news of what is going on, they have virtually unanimously supported it. There have probably been more editorials around the country FOR it, than there have been news items ABOUT it. And if one were to compare the positive editorials with the truly informative news articles or the negative editorials, it's a complete wipeout. What in the world, the detached observer must wonder, is going on?

The zealot offered the counter-example of The Washington Times right in our nation's capital, which he said was opposed to the legislation.

"Well they should be," I responded, "if they are to be the true conservative newspaper that they claim to be," and I asked for evidence that The Times had weighed in editorially against it. The zealot could not produce any such evidence, but he said their articles about the legislation had had a negative tone. The fact is that The Times has had virtually no articles, and I have heretofore detected no tone. Now I have. Today's (July 31, 1998) front-page article, "Governor promotes Puerto Rico as the 51st state" can only be described as strongly pro-statehood. It also has a statement in favor of the current sneaky legislation by Republican Senator Robert F. Bennett of Utah. If memory serves, Sen. Bennett has a "prior" affiliation with one of our many clandestine organizations, quite possibly the CIA.

Please read and take to heart "CIA Plots Puerto Rico Statehood." Here is what I think is afoot:

The Grand Design

What are our rulers up to?
What is their ultimate goal,
That they'd freely get rid of our melting pot
And give us a salad bowl?

They don't want us strong and united,
The land of the brave and the f
They want us in thrall to our global masters,
A polyglot peasantry.


Mexico North

Here is the plan linguistic:
A modern-day Tower of Babel.
It goes with the plan economic:
Elite using downtrodden rabble.

David Martin, July 31, 1998

Wake up, America!

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