Bossie Claims Ignorance
by DCDave

David Bossie, former lead investigator for Rep. Dan Burton's Committee on Government Oversight and Reform, in response to a question at a small gathering at the National Press Club, said that he had only read "part" of the report by Kenneth Starr on the death of Vincent Foster and expressed surprise to learn that there was a 20-page addendum to the report submitted by the lawyer for Patrick Knowlton, the witness who is suing members of the FBI for harassment and intimidation. He also demonstrated annoyance at getting questions on the Foster death case, saying that he was unprepared, when he came to the gathering presided over by veteran journalist, Sarah McClendon, to talk mainly about his experience with the Webster Hubbell prison tapes.

Contradicting a 1994 report by Michael Isikoff in the Washington Post, he said that when he worked for Floyd Brown's Citizens United, he was the only investigator the organization had. Isikoff reported that the organization had "two full-time researchers working on the Foster case alone." He claimed at the gathering tonight that he had interviewed some of the emergency workers who were at Fort Marcy Park the night the body was discovered, but could remember no names.

Bossie excused his former boss, Burton, for not pursuing the Foster case (and challenged a questioner who proclaimed that Foster was murdered by asking, "How do you know? Were there witnesses?) by saying that Burton had done more than any member of Congress to advance the case and he had been pilloried for his actions by both Democrats and Republicans. More investigation of Foster, he intimated, would interfere with their inquiry into such serious matters as the funneling of funds from the Chinese government to the Clinton campaign. He said the D'Amato Committee had already called witnesses on the Foster death and there was no point in going through that again.

Bossie also revealed that he, like reporter Christopher Ruddy, is a product of Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute.

David Martin

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